Streamlining your organisation to achieve profitable availability each and every day, whilst also being adaptable and responsive to changing conditions is no mean feat.

These brand new roundtable discussions will bring together the brightest minds to share successes, admit to failures (off the record!) and challenge conventional thinking.

Interactive Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable 1

How to Attract Talent

Attracting talented people to business, and supply chain in particular, is becoming an increasingly common theme as ecommerce drives new and changing business priorities. What do progressive companies need to know about attracting new, young talent to a career in retail supply chain? How can this new breed of supply chain professional be integrated into existing business environments and cultural frameworks?

Maxim Romain, General Manager, Wayfair Europe

Roundtable 2

Channel Management in the Retail Supply Chain

Are you optimising channel management in your retail supply chain? What do retailers need do to ensure consistent and personal interaction with consumers across  touch points? How are delivery times impacting customer experience and can shorter lead times help to increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases? Join Richard   to explore these and other issues impacting channel management and retail supply chain!

Richard Locke, Director of Analytics, Data and General Merchandise, Ocado

Roundtable 3

Dropshipping and Fulfilling New Customer Demands for Speedy, Efficient Service and Delivery

What are the advantages of using dropship deliveries over established methods of fulfillment? How can you maintain a fantastic relationship between manufacturers and retailers? Join Ed to discuss how John Lewis is operating dropshipping and gain insight into ways to make this method of fulfillment work for you!

Edward Osborne, Head of Customer Delivery Model & Direct to Customer Operations, John Lewis

Roundtable 4

Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of Online

All businesses seem to say they are customer centric/customer first these days, so what I would like to explore is more specifically the data and insight (both explicit and inferred) that other companies are using to influence their decision making and product development.
What are your customers biggest pain points when it comes to delivery? How do you know this and what are you therefore doing about it?

Kamal Bal, Head of Online Performance, M&S

Roundtable 5

Taking Fulfilment and Delivery Abroad – what to look for?

Are you balancing  service expectations with cost in international fulfillment? How are smaller competitors cracking international markets? How can third parties help to improve international operations? Join John to discuss these and other burning issues impacting international growth opportunities. 

Paul Johnson-Barnett, Head of Distribution, Barbour

Roundtable 6

Why is Order Management the key to your omni-channel customer experience?

As retailers rush to embrace omni-channel retailing to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s shopper, they are faced with new layers of operational challenges, including the management of increasingly complex order flows. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to build a solid commerce backend, starting with a centralized omni-channel Order Management System to orchestrate omni-channel commerce processes enabling a true customer experience. Join Nils to discuss challenges, solutions, and visions of an integrated omni-channel commerce strategy.  

Nils Breitmann, Enterprise Architect, Intershop

Roundtable 7

Decreasing the size of your delivery window to win on speed and ROI

With the exponential growth and advancements in the on-demand service industry, end consumers expect an almost instantaneous service, which some brands are finding difficult to fulfill. Florian will discuss the various techniques used by ZipJet to increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing costs on service, such as the algorithm that analyses traffic data to mitigate delays in delivery and also minimising the delivery window for the consumer to improve brand loyalty but also ROI.

Florian Farber, CEO, Zipjet

Roundtable 8

Multichannel Wholesale – The Magic in the Mix

How should a wholesale approach becoming a multichannel business? How should a wholesale business respond when faced with a new-to-market competitor with advanced technology and greater efficiency? What key decisions do wholesales need to make when launching new sales channels? How can they ensure that they continue to meet expectations of exisiting customers and attract new ones across multiple platforms? Drawing on finding from the ‘Multichannel wholesale – the magic is in the mix’ report published by IMRG, this session will discuss Amazon’s plans for the UK B2B retail market and provide a framework for wholesale businesses to be successful when dealing with customers across multiple channels and platforms.

Mark Thornton, Marketing Director, Maginus

Roundtable 9

Retail Returns – the good, the bad and the ugly

Multichannel aftersales management can be disastrous to the bottom line, customer experience and back room operations and practices. How can robust strategies for returns management be used as a vehicle to enhance communications and connections? Can impact on the bottom line be reduced with effective back office management? How can innovative approached increase customer satisfaction and how can this be quantified?

Vinesh Patel, Mobile Operations, Sky

Roundtable 10

Same Day Delivery – pitfalls and benefits

Sit down with Greg Bacon, who led the development and delivery of Fast Track Delivery, a new same day home delivery proposition from Argos – don’t miss the opportunity to explore the pitfalls and benefits of same day delivery.

Greg Bacon, Senior Development Manager – Home Delivery CX, Sainsbury’s Argos





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